How to poach a perfect egg 🥚

marla fortier

Posted on September 01 2021

How to poach a perfect egg 🥚

Have you gotten on the avocado 🥑 toast train yet??

my sister text me a picture of her making an avocado toast and I remember thinking that looks kinda gross ! But I decided to see what all the hype is about. But I couldn’t poach an egg, so I needed to learn. I found on prime Julia child and Jacque pepin have a cooking show and an episode on poaching the perfect egg. A skill everyone should know! 

In a medium pot boil water with a dash of vinegar when you’ve got a good boil going crack your egg in slip a slotted spoon slightly under egg then leave alone and boil for 3 minutes for a medium done egg . That’s it it’s so simple and so good. 

I love to put it on rye toast with mashed avocado lots of salt and pepper chilli flakes and siracha paired with my pressed coffee ☕️ And a good book  it’s perfection ❤️

 Bon Apetit and happy cooking as Julia and Jacque would say 

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