Sugar Baby aprons - Testimonials and Media

" I love wearing Sugar Baby Aprons- whether I’m cooking or just playing hostess. They look so cute and all of my friends, girls and guys, compliment me when I wear them. Sometimes they even think they’re part of my outfit! Gotta love a good looking apron!" Candace Cameron Bure


Thanks Sugar baby for the darling aprons!!! Posted pics on my page!! Xo Peggy Tanous Real Housewives of OC!!

Shandelle Skaley
The new website looks great. Feel free to add my testimonial. 
I love fashion and I love hosting people in my home so naturally I LOVE sugarbaby aprons. I like them so much i bought 5 for gifts last year and tell all my fashion savvy friends to buy them. 
So many people have complimented me on my apron and I love that I can tell them it's a Canadian Company and about the vision. I also like the detail Marla puts into the packaging; the pink bubble envelope, leopard print tissue, pink reusable bag and the recipe card make receiving the item that much more fun. 
I should also note that the quality of the fabric and fit of the apron are fantastic. I'm obviously a big fan and highly recommend sugarbaby!!! 

Jennifer Qvist-McKay
I literally just finished reading you're story in Canadian living, and found it very inspirational! I also had no idea that you are from the same small town as myself....Fort St John. I ordered my 1st apron from you're company a yr and a half ago, and have been complimented on it continually! Thank you for bringing sexy into the kitchen!!

Hi Marla,
After years of poor health, my first purchase of your Sugar Baby Aprons gave me such a lift that I am back in the kitchen and I love to cook once more. Thank you so very much for your exciting selection of aprons. I now have 4 and I love them all. My husband will join me in the kitchen as we cook together -  What fun!!!!!  My next purchase will be your lovely P.J. sets. Thank you for bringing the fun back to the kitchen and back to our home.

With gratitude,


PS: Thanks for the extra oven mitt, a very thoughtful touch. Merry ho-ho!

P.S. I have a passion for fashion and I can be a fashion statement when I am in the kitchen. Some days I wear my aprons all day as they go well with my wardrobe. ( that is why I have 4 and I will get more :)


Just a quick note to say I received your delivery today and everything looks amazing... or at least I think it does - it is wrapped so nicely, I don't want to rip it open to inspect it!

Thanks for everything. I am really excited to see my girlfriend's reaction, and the whole transaction has been awesome. Seriously, even your shipping packaging is amazing! I may just give the gift wrapped in the hot pink bubble mailer it came in...



PS: Thanks for the extra oven mitt, a very thoughtful touch. Merry ho-ho!

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!

I just received my aprons I ordered.

I can't tell you how excited I am.

I love them.

One is for myself and the other for one of my daughters for Christmas.

I can't wait to wear mine.  Thank you so much for the oven mitt it matches perfectly.

I love it so much I am thinking of wearing it out over my little black dress for everyone

to see.

Thank you so much for such fast service.

I will be telling all my friends about your gorgeous aprons.

Judy Preddy

Jackie B
Never in my life have I seen aprons like sugarbaby's!! They make being in the kitchen cute, fun, exciting, and sexy!! I love seeing all the new designs and styles you guys come up with!! Keep up the awesome work!! Who new being a housewife could be so sexy!!

Tiffany H
Received my prize from The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Divagiveaway! Thank you for sponsoring such a great giveaway! Love the apron, the oven mitt & my pink reusable shopping bag!! Your items are great & made with quality materials!! Thank you!!!

Myra Merkal
Thank you Marla for your kind donation to the White Rock Princess Party of Aug. 25 where we delighted 178 little girls and raised $11,787 for the White Rock Firefighters efforts to build an ALL ABILITIES park in our community. The apron was absolutely sexty and adorable. - organizer.

Carolyn Rowins
Thanks so much for the amazingly fast service on my order! It was the prettiest parcel that I've ever received. Congratulations on the great Canadian Living article - I was so happy to learn about your company.

Jennifer Brooks
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Apron!!! I was having a frumpy "soccor"mom day today and was not feeling up to par and decided to cover up my frumpy clothes with my beautiful red apron and then because i felt so good in it, things just snowballed from there and before i new it i was wearing heels and putting makeup on and prancing around my house hahahahaha!Thanks for such a great cover forget it its my dress up outfit!!:) xo

Jenn McPherson 
Great shopping,service and products. Plus you feel sexy on this apron and so many compliments

Shawna Greyling 
They bring glamour to a non glamourous role of Stay at Home Mom!

Barb Wylie 
Sugarbaby aprons are the cutest, most fun kitchenware (wear) out there!!

Sarah Bruner
I do a lot of baking and love the idea of gorgeous, sexy aprons making my floury boobs a little more appealing to my sweet husband!

Lindsay Shostal
I love my sugarbaby apron because it makes me feel cute & sassy when I'm really in my pj's, baking at midnight!

Tasha Paul-Cloutier
I like Sugar Baby because they are classic and timeless. They remind me of a time that was wholesome and simple, yet they look totally fashionable. 

Thank you so much!!! The apron arrived on time and it will make the perfect gift!!!!
PS The pink bubble packaging is super cute and perfect! It made my day opening my mail slot!!!

Hi there,
Thanks for such a great product!
I just wanted to tell you how much I love your aprons. I received the black one with white polka dots and a pink sash for Christmas this year! I wear it a lot for cooking and baking, however I also wear it when I go to my organizing jobs as a professional organizer. :)

I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE my Sugar Baby Apron!!! I am somewhat of a “kitchenophobe.” I’m not a very good cook & dread going into the kitchen. But, I’m a girlie girl at heart and love my accessories. So when I discovered Sugar Baby Aprons, I immediately ordered one. I was so excited when it came in the mail (in that lovely bright pink packaging), I ended up wearing my apron all day – even if I was just laying around watching TV. When my husband came home from work & saw me in it, he started laughing. He questioned why in the world would I buy an apron of all things. I told him “um....because it’s cute!!!” I told him that I’m home all day with our infant twin boys, usually with my hair up, no make up & in sweats. So when it’s time to go cook dinner at night, it’s nice to have something that makes me feel cute, because most days, I fell anything but! I get so many compliments on my apron – I tell everyone about Sugar Baby Aprons! I love that Sugar Baby Aprons is a family owned business. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Marla a few times. She is so sweet & is always quick to answer any questions that I have. I have logged more hours baking & cooking since buying my Sugar Baby apron than I have in the past 2 years. My husband no longer thinks it was a silly purchase. Let’s face it, sometimes it really is all about having the right accessories!!!