With love from Marla

        My Family, Wow where would I be without them!

With all that is going on in this life, living in a world filled with its share of troubles,

I find such comfort and calm from the storms when I am with my family

We share a love and commitment with each other, the words I use here scarcely do justice expressing the power of that love

        The most treasured times in my life are when we are all together.

From a simple Sunday dinner, to the more festive celebrations like Christmas and Easter.

These are the things in life that fill my heart with its greatest joys 


        These times together are so important to me.

I cherish them with all my heart. 

They are truly the most blessed times of my life.


This is the heartbeat of Sugar baby Aprons!


            Inspired by the women in my life, I have been influenced by some of the most amazing women one could ever hope to meet.

One common thread that is woven through us is the passion of entertaining friends and family



And we love to do it with style and flare..

              I love hearing stories about my Grama Yvonne’s fondue and dinner parties.

Entertaining was fun for her. Earlier in the day you would see her in the kitchen her heart full of song as she prepared the snacks and meals for the guests. This was all part of what made the experience so special for me as I watched in wonder.

After the apron was put aside it was time for her party dress, false eyelashes and fancy hairpieces.

That lifestyle still lives and breathes in me. The fun the fashion and friendship all a part of what makes life so joyful. That was Grama Yvonne


           Now if you were to visit my Grama Betty’s home, your experience would be quite different but just as wonderful.

I feel so at home whenever I am with her. Just seeing her in a pretty apron, and smelling her scrambled eggs cooking in her iron skillet, brings a warmth and comfort that encompasses my whole being.

Oh how I love just sitting in her kitchen, watching her cook! I can feel the deep love she has for family just by being in the same room, it’s one of the wonders in my life.



One of the greatest gifts in my life is a mother, a sister and a daughter all of whom I am proud to call my very best friends.

We love getting together sharing these memorable times and traditions with our families and friends.


              My prayer is that the years are kind to you and you enjoy sharing in a lifetime of special gatherings  and traditions.

If you have not had the good fortune of this, maybe just maybe the blessing of the traditions of  family and friends starts with you today. 


From the heart

Sugarbaby aprons