Grapefruit rosemary martini 🍸

Marla Fortier

Posted on May 07 2020

Grapefruit rosemary martini 🍸

How do you spend your humpday??? We make Gin martinis!

My husband thinks this is the best drink he has ever had! So if you want to dazzle your husband on a Wednesday night try these. 

For two martinis

1 large grapefruit 

4 ounces rosemary simple syrup

2 ounces gin

Shake in shaker with ice and serve in frosted martini glasses. I like putting my glasses in the freezer for a nice frosty martini

Simple syrup recipe boil 1 cup of water with 1 cup cane sugar with a couple pieces of rosemary remove from heat once cooled store in a jar ( stays good for two weeks in the fridge)

The delicious smell of these grapefruits made me long for my trips to Palm Springs where there is an abundance of grapefruit.

Wishing you all well in this crazy time!




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