4 ingredient dutch oven bread

Marla Fortier

Posted on May 07 2020

4 ingredient dutch oven bread


So I was having a group of gals over for wine and cheese and I thought i'd whip up a quick loaf of bread. found this recipe on pinterest but I skipped ahead to the recipe and started making it without realizing it was an overnight rise! Well it was too late so i thought i'll just make it anyway. 

Julia Child once said "you are the boss of that dough"

Here's what I did:

Start with the 1 1/2 cups of warm water add your 2 tsp of yeast with a pinch of sugar mix lightly and cover for 4 minutes then put in your mixer on low slowly add 3 cups of flour keeping mixture soft and a little tacky.

Once soft and mixed cover for half an hour

Then preheat your oven at 425 with dutch oven in it for 40 min ( I also add a pan of water under all bread i bake)

Then remove bread mixture from mixer, make it round with a little olive oil and put in a glass bowl and cover for the 40 min while waiting on the dutch oven.

Put your dough in parchment paper and pop in dutch oven

Cook with lid on for 30-35 min and then take off and cook for another 15 min uncovered.

This was honestly the best bread I have ever had! 

So even though I cheated it still was amazing I think even Oprah would approve! You can try it my way or let sit overnight. 



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