“Twinkling lights and Festive Delights: The Glamour of Our Holiday Warm-up Tradition “

marla fortier

Posted on November 21 2023

“Twinkling lights and Festive Delights: The Glamour of Our Holiday Warm-up Tradition “

“Twinkling Lights and Festive Delights: The Glamour of Our Holiday Warm-Up Tradition"

Here in chilly canada we have our thanksgiving in October and I love thanksgiving but you know what it does to me?? Makes me want to get right in the holiday mood! So I often want to celebrate it twice

I absolutely love how the US does their thanksgiving ! They have a big wonderful celebration that puts them right in the holiday mood and kicks off the holidays for them.


The girls in my family feel the same way and we created our own holiday it’s called “The Holiday Warmup “

The weekend after Remembrance Day we have a big family dinner and start to get the festivities started, getting our mantles decorated , string twinkly lights up get things really cozy and festive! When you live in the cold dark north twinkling lights bring such warmth and coziness. I love twinkling lights all around and I love my evening lighting to be simply twinkling lights and candles

Decorating a little earlier takes the sting out of our harsh winter for me !

Once my house is decorated I can begin my December plans with ease . Why make December overwhelming and try to fit everything into a couple days!

This is a great time to start your Christmas music 🎶

Time to enjoy the season

Cheers to celebrating not just once but twice, in the radiant embrace of our own unique, glamorous Holiday Warm-Up. 🌟✨

Here is one of my favourite Christmas playhttps://open.spotify.com/playlist/3EZ7opdJhmJgERgcXghnHY?si=LYvCnB5RR9yXkMlXowKiIQ&pt=4e9fe2380f2b8d1ab865592686f40dec 

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