Planning the Ultimate Family Christmas Extravaganza! πŸŽ„

marla fortier

Posted on November 16 2023

Planning the Ultimate Family Christmas Extravaganza! πŸŽ„

Planning the Ultimate Family Christmas Extravaganza! πŸŽ„βœ¨

Before we unleashed the holiday madness, my hubby and I faced the wild challenge of balancing family festivities as newlyweds. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were our only allies on the calendar, and squeezing in both families felt like mission impossible!

For years, we tap-danced through schedules, attempting the impossible feat of fitting all the family fun into those two whirlwind days. Quality time with some loved ones turned into a rare commodity, and our own little family felt like it was getting lost in the holiday chaos.

Then, ta-da, the light bulb moment happened.

Why not shake up our Christmas routine?

Cue the drumroll for our brilliant solution: a massive Christmas Eve sleepover extravaganza, complete with a holiday breakfast and dinner on a different day. By stretching out Christmas celebrations throughout the whole month, we turned stress into festivities!

This genius move allowed us to celebrate as our cozy little family alongside the in-laws, all without the holiday headache. Here's how our extended holiday celebration unfolds:

**1. Family Christmas Eve Sleepover:**
Picture this: a grand family sleepover on Christmas Eve filled with laughter, shared stories, and a warm, fuzzy togetherness. It's the informal kick-off to a season of pure holiday joy!

**2. Christmas Breakfast Extravaganza:**
The next morning, we gather for a leisurely Christmas breakfast, indulging in a spread of our absolute favorite festive treats. No rush, just good times connecting before the day's adventures.

**3. Festive Decorations Throughout the Month:**
Forget limiting decorations to a few days – our home is a festive haven all December long. The more twinkly lights, the merrier! It's not just a vibe; it's a whole month of holiday cheer.

**4. Christmas Dinner on a Different Day:**
Move over, Christmas Day! Our grand Christmas dinner happens on a day that suits everyone's schedule. No more split-second decisions, just hearty meals and shared moments with the ones we love.

By remixing our Christmas playbook, we've turned what used to be a stressful time into a month-long holiday bash. Stretching Christmas throughout December has become our family's secret sauce, letting us celebrate with both sides of the family and soak up the true holiday spirit. It's a reminder that sometimes, a simple shift in perspective can turn holiday hurdles into a source of lasting joy and togetherness. 🌟 #HolidayHack #ChristmasCheer #FamilyFiesta

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