Tie one on with Mia

marla fortier

Posted on September 01 2021

Tie one on with Mia

Meet Mia,

Mia and I became friends on Instagram, she is a sweet wonderful teacher and I’m so excited to feature her here! 

About Mia
Maybe it was all of those Italian family gatherings, where I learned from the best. My love for hospitality and homemaking started in my early 20s. Friend gatherings were often at my house. I remember one November, a few friends and I hosted a progressive dinner. It was like a soirée, and we went to a different house for a different part of the meal. We gathered at one house appetizers, another house dinner, and then another for dessert. Family parties were huge in my house growing up as well, and memories flood my mind as I type. A vintage sugar baby apron was just what I needed a few years ago, when I began perfecting my love for baking, cooking, and hosting.
My name is Maria, but friends and family call me Mia. I am a second grade teacher with a love for writing. I published my first book in 2020. I love creating spaces and environments where there will always be a memory made. Cooking for others and creating gifts that are memorable has become a favorite. Wearing my Vintage Sugarbaby apron just adds to the fun:).
With love,

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