The Art Of Making A Salad

Marla Fortier

Posted on March 24 2020

The Art Of Making A Salad

"Eating well is a from of self love"

Hello Friends,

In spring and summer I love my lunch Salads!! My favourite thing in summer is to relax by my pool with a big yummy salad. Oh how I wish I was in the bliss of summer while the world feels so crazy, but we still have snow boohoo! But I will still enjoy my lunch salads and dream of summer days ahead.

Now I don't know if my husband is biased but he says when i make salad its like a work of art and he doesn't know how i do it! 

I do have a few things I love doing with my salads that I feel makes them extra tasty!

I start with my base

Always romaine and spinach I don't like chewing big lettuce so I finely chop my lettuce and spinach

Then i love to finely chop green pepper, red pepper and sweet onion I find the finer the more flavour

then I love to add avocado, feta and or chickpeas I love the creaminess the avocado adds. 

for dressing i keep it very simple because its a very flavourful salad red wine vinegar and olive oil salt and fresh cracked pepper (a must) are all I need for dressing

then I just top with some sweet tomatoes Voila!

If its spring i usually enjoy with a club soda and lime but if I'm chilling on my deck I like a grapefruit radler

Eating well is a sign of self love

You are beautiful

You are strong

You are healthy

you are worthy

You deserve happiness

you deserve to feel great


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  • Stacy: March 24, 2020

    Fabulous just fabulous

  • Stacy: March 24, 2020

    Fabulous just fabulous!

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