White Wine Shrimp fettuccine

marla fortier

Posted on February 25 2021

White Wine Shrimp fettuccine

“ There's nothing I like more than a lovely bowl of pasta.” - Naomi Campbell

 White wine shrimp fettuccine

What you need

Get a lovely crisp bottle of white wine to sip while you sauté

-1 lb of fettuccine

-1/4 cup of butter

-1/4 of shredded parmigiana

-1/2 cup of heavy cream 

-1/2 cup of white wine

-garlic 3-5 cloves 

-1 cup of finely chopped spinach

-1 cup of frozen peas (run under warm water)

-1pound of shrimp sautéed in garlic butter

To get started boil your pasta in salted water, I think the secret to great pasta in really salty water!

Pour a glass of white wine to sip

Start sautéing the shrimp in the butter once browned add the chopped garlic, when the garlic is soft add the wine, then the whip cream get it to a small boil the slowly add the  parmigiana and the peas Then add cooked pasta and spinach. Season with cracked pepper and grated fresh parmigiana

I love making this on a Wednesday, I love making something fun midweek just to add a little excitement to my week 💗

Enjoy with white wine🥂


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