How To Host An Effortless Holiday Party!

Marla Fortier

Posted on February 10 2019

How To Host An Effortless Holiday Party!

For the last 12 years I have been hosting an annual Christmas Party, it has become a fun tradition we all look forward to! I've talked to some people who really feel stressed and intimidated by hosting a party. I really think it can be super simple, stress free and fun! 

 How I host effortlessly

I love the day of the Party, I like to take it slow, a bubble bath in the morning with the perfect cup of coffee and take my time getting ready going the extra mile you know lashes , hair and some extra glam make-up etc then  watch a Christmas movie as I leisurely get ready. 

Then I love to do lunch with my Gals finalize those last few details of the party and there's no way I want to mess up my kitchen!! My Gals make any Party possible they help me with all the details!


I like to clean my house through out the week giving it its final polish the night before making sure it looks clean and is festive as possible (you can never have too much tinsel and red in my opinion!)

I always make my snacks the night before ( I like making my cheeseball and that classic knorrs spinach dip so easy and are better the next day) they are perfect party snacks!

Be a guest at your own party, have you ever been at someones gathering the hostess is stressed out cleaning they are tirelessly working on their party they don't really stop to enjoy the party and they're cleaning up before you leave!

How to avoid this.....

Don't take on too much its ok to ask for help and it's a lot more fun! After all what is your squad for???

I always say in my Christmas party invite bring your favourite snack that way you end up with lots of yummy snacks and get to try new recipes! Always good idea to keep hot snacks in the freezer ( you don't have to make everything OK! Martha Stewart!)  Hot snacks are super easy and a great back up.

I like making fun playlists (playlists for parties are so important! Have you ever been to a party without one?? Its awkward!) For every occasion I love doing up a playlist with a photo reel on my tv to suit the occasion so for Christmas we put all our favourite Christmas movie covers and some fun family Christmas photos and of course Christmas Music. And for those late night party guests you know I'm probably going flip and reverse it with some missy Elliot!!

I love adding some super fun touches that make the evening feel special.


My powder room I decorate for Christmas with a cute little tree and I light as many tea lights as I can looking like Im expecting a proposal.

Also upon arrival I love to serve champagne on my bar cart, your guests should be arriving so why not grab a glass of champagne and join the party!

Don't worry about the mess it will be there tomorrow enjoy the moment! 

Next day tip order in and have a Christmas movie marathon as you pluck away at your cleaning!

 With Love,


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