Happy 26th anniversary

marla fortier

Posted on June 07 2023

Happy 26th anniversary

Celebrating 26years together!🥂

where does the time go! Had a lovely evening celebrating 26 years of marriage ❤️ 

I put together a sweet and simple board for us last night with crunchy crackers , goat cheese , spreads fruit and chocolate so yummy! I could live on cheese boards and wine for the rest of my life 🤗


To go with our board we watched a romantic movie in our theatre room one true loves it was really sweet and good. And I don’t know about you but I love romantic movies! I can’t get enough of them they don’t make many new ones these days so I’m always excited to find a new one 🥰

I love celebrating occasions but I really make an effort to celebrate these things daily I like to treat every Friday (date night) like a little anniversary.  My mom always taught us the importance of dating your spouse  ❤️

How can one stay passionately in love for many years to come my dad once put it like this and I do my best to put that in to practice everyday ❤️

I can only give what I believe to be true


To really have a great marriage. One where love will continue to grow for a lifetime

One where your passion for each other will continue to grow for the rest of your lives


One where u will remain faithful and true to each other the rest of your lives requires something bigger than the both of you


We can only love and honour each other to the degree of our human ability

We need something much bigger than that

Something much more  powerful than human ability


We need a marriage built on the love of God

If we build our lives together with God being the foundation with which we build upon

We can't fail

It is Gods who shows us what true love really is.


If we build a marriage on these qualities

If we let God be our guide

If Gods love is the love we desire

And will honour each other with gods love

We will have a marriage second to none


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