Fiona Ferris and living life at its best!

marla fortier

Posted on June 12 2023

Fiona Ferris and living life at its best!

During the lockdowns I just fell in love with these lifestyle books! It really added joy and sparkle to my everyday even though I was stuck at home I found so much enjoyment in these sweet little books. They are just great reminders on how to elevate the everyday no matter where you live or what you do ! How great it that? 
I loved Fiona’s books so much I had to send her some aprons something told me we enjoy the same things 😅😂
My most recent favourite is Fiona’s newest book “ 100 ways to be That Girl”

I just loved this part of the book

Be the author of your own life 

if you don’t like where your story is , write the next chapter differently. You have the ability to shape into whatever you want it to be . Even with the other people in your story, you can still adjust how your character behaves. 

on a fun note I loved Fiona’s books so much I enrolled in her online writing class and hope to write a book of my own one day soon🤗
A couple of other Fiona favourites below 🌸💗


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