Birthday Party Trifle and Punch

Marla Fortier

Posted on May 04 2019

Birthday Party Trifle and Punch

Birthday Party Trifle

It was my Dad's Birthday so I whipped up this delicious trifle 


12 mini sponge cakes 

vanilla pudding mix

2 litres of whip cream

2 cartons of strawberries



To start slice strawberries and toss in a bowl with a little sugar and vanilla

in another bowl mix one litre of whip cream slowly adding vanilla pudding to the whip cream until desired sweetness and thickness

make a layer of cake then I like to stick strawberries on the side all the way around for looks

add a layer of sliced strawberry mix, then a layer of whip cream/pudding mix keep layering until your trifle dish is almost full

then whip your whip cream with desired amount of sugar and vanilla until firm I realize 1 litre might sound like a lot but I like to top it with lots of whip cream and have a extra on the side for anyone who wants extra!

And whats better than dessert and coffee? Dessert and punch!

Now for the punch


A carton of orange juice

2 litres of ginger ale

a cup of cranberry cocktail

oranges and cranberries for decoration

So Simple and Refreshing!


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