A pasta queen special!!

marla fortier

Posted on October 05 2022

A pasta queen special!!

Last Monday  for bachelorette I made this recipe I seen on the pasta queens 👸 page

It was so good you have to try it!!

So your start with the amazing oil dip I took 1 cup of olive oil a handful of basil 🌿 5 cloves of garlic 🧄 and a few pinches of chilli flakes pulsed in my blender I put in a jar it’s so good you might want extra to use for bread 🥖


Now for the pasta sauce you melt 4 tablespoons of butter 🧈 cut an onion 🧅 in half simmer it but not stirring or moving it Drizzle some of your olive oil mixture on the onions 🧅 sauté for a few minutes then add your san Marzano tomatoes 🍅 I used two cans now let simmer for 30 minutes , then remove and discard the onion

Then put your el dante pasta in the sauce let cook for a few minutes while you poor your wine 🍷

Then once you have your pasta in your pasta bowl drizzle that amazing olive 🫒 oil blend top with lots of fresh parmigiana and enjoy 😉


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